What is the DUTY OF A GODPARENT after Baptism?

The duty of a godparent after Baptism is to see that the child is brought up a good Catholic, if this is not done by the parents.

1. In solemn baptism there must be at least one godparent, of the same sex as the one baptized. It is permitted to have two sponsors: a godfather and a godmother.

It is not permitted to have more than two godparents, and these two must be of different sexes. Others who may be present are only witnesses. Godparents should be at least thirteen years of age.

2. A godparent has the duty of looking upon the baptized person as his spiritual child, of providing for him, when necessary, the proper religious education, and of guarding him spiritually even when he is grown.

3. A spiritual relationship is established between the person baptized and his sponsor, as well as between him and the one who baptizes him.

This relationship, called spiritual affinity, forbids marriage between the persons thus related. No spiritual affinity is contracted between the godfather and the godmother of a person, nor between his parents and his godparents.

4. If the person chosen godparent cannot be present at the Baptism, another can act in his place: that is, he can be sponsor by proxy. The absent godparent must, however, have the intention of being godparent. 

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