Prayer For Forgiveness Category

Against Worldliness

Lord, keep me from becoming Too firmly attached to this earth That I should fall in love too deeply With material things. Make me understand that this journey Is only a temporary visit Then can I see all of life in its true perspective. Let me love those that will […] Read more »

Against Criticisms

Lord, forgive me for the times I have criticized other people In order to inflate my own importance. Believing everything I hear about others Judging my fellowmen with prejudice. I have condemned one often in his absence Defenseless of himself. I have exaggerated his faults When I should have kept […] Read more »

Emotional Brokenness

Lord Jesus, Your healing power Extends to the depths Of my mysterious being Release me, O Lord, From the burden of my emotional hurts Help me to understand myself Help others to understand me. In my agony of fear or anger, Confusion, withdrawal, loneliness May I find the grace to […] Read more »