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Gifts of the Holy Spirit Prayer

Bless me with Knowledge to know right from wrong,  Fortitude to stand up and be strong, Understanding to follow God’s way, Piety to worship and pray, Counsel to enlighten and guide me, Wisdom to feel Your presence beside me, and Fear of the Lord to always be awed by the mighty wonders […] Read more »

Praise And Worship

Lord, Creator of all things Giver of every good and perfect gift I praise and worship You. Lord, who is all-knowing and all-giving Be with me in all things great and small So that small things become great And great things become possible. Lord, who is all-loving and forgiving Bless […] Read more »


Lord, I thank You for Your gift of life I thank You for good health That I know neither hunger nor want; Thank you for those who love me best – For friends whose encouragement Have often chased away dark clouds, For many an answered prayer, For kindly providences That […] Read more »

O Holy Spirit

O Holy Spirit The most precious moments of my life Are the moments I spend with You. I cannot see Your form But I can feel Your presence. You know all about me – My hidden perplexity, my secret shame. You await my return Anxious to speak to me reassuringly. […] Read more »

Morning Offering

Lord, thank You for another day In this quiet waking moment. I thank You for the beauty of nature A breakfast table laden with nourishment Mind, heart, hands and feet To carry me through the day. New vision to face the grind Of a monotonous routine of duty Give new […] Read more »

End Of The Day

Lord, I thank You for the day that just passed For all the blessings You showered on me. I lift up to You all the trials and pressures Which I was forced to bear I look back at the day that has gone And know that You designed it for […] Read more »

Faith In God

Lord, forgive my small concept of Your heart For the doubting suspicion With which I regard Your love. Give me Your faith, I have so little Yet I have more faith- In strangers whom I do not know. I am so reluctant to have faith in You Who knows me […] Read more »

Forgive Me Lord

Lord, forgive me, for the things I have done That make me ashamed in Your presence. All the front that I polish so carefully For men to see, do not deceive You. I acknowledge with sorrow and repentance That I have desired what I should not have Toyed with what […] Read more »