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WHO should be chosen as GODPARENTS for Baptism?

Only Catholics who know their faith and live up to the duties of their religion should be chosen as godparents for Baptism. A godparent is supposed to be a practical Catholic. Non-Catholic, Masons, those who married out of the Church, and all other excommunicated persons cannot be sponsors. Neither can […] Read more »

What is the DUTY OF A GODPARENT after Baptism?

The duty of a godparent after Baptism is to see that the child is brought up a good Catholic, if this is not done by the parents. 1. In solemn baptism there must be at least one godparent, of the same sex as the one baptized. It is permitted to […] Read more »

WHAT DO WE PROMISE through our Godparents in Baptism?

We promise through our godparents in Baptism to renounce the devil, and to live according to the teachings of Christ and of His Church. The godparents make the responses for an infant being baptized. These are called the baptismal vows. By them the person renounces Satan and all his works […] Read more »

SUMMARY of the CEREMONIES used in Baptism

1. Reception of the candidate. At the church door the priest, in the name of the Church, welcomes the candidate, saying: “Peace be with you.” Then he questions him as to his purpose in wishing admission into the Church. He is commanded to keep the commandments, to love God and […] Read more »

Why is the NAME OF A SAINT given in Baptism?

The name of a saint is given in Baptism in order that the person baptized may imitate his virtues, and have him for a protector. 1. The names of angels are also given, as well as names referring to mysteries or sacred appellations, events, and doctrines. In certain countries it […] Read more »


The priest is the usual minister of Baptism, but if there is danger that someone will die without Baptism, anyone else may and should baptize. Because Baptism is a necessary prerequisite to enter heaven, when an unbaptized person is in danger of death, and no priest is available, anyone may […] Read more »

HOW would you give BAPTISM?

I would give Baptism by pouring ordinary water on the forehead of the person to be baptized, saying while pouring it: “I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” The “pouring of water” is the matter, and “the words” the […] Read more »

WHEN should CHILDREN be baptized?

Children should be baptized as soon as possible after birth. 1. If possible, this should be done within a week. Except when in danger of death, an infant should not be baptized without the permission of a parent or guardian. Children who have come to the age of reason cannot […] Read more »