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What is the Sacrament of PENANCE?

Penance is the sacrament by which sins committed after Baptism are forgiven through the absolution of the priest. Penance prompts the sinner to detest his sins, and incites him to offer satisfaction for them, and to amend his life in the future. 1. Penance has the three essentials of a […] Read more »


Mass is offered every day of the year except Good Friday and Holy Saturday, the vigil of Easter. In the first centuries, bishops and priests celebrated Mass together; this is called concelebration. Our present Masses, when priests are ordained, and bishops are consecrated, are similar to those early Masses. 1. […] Read more »

WHAT MATERIALS ARE USED for consecration at Mass?

Bread and wine are used for consecration at Mass; a few drops of water are mixed with the wine, because Christ did so. 1. The bread for consecration is made from pure wheat flour mixed with water and baked. No other flour may be used. 2. The wine for consecration […] Read more »

WHY IS AN OFFERING MADE to the priest who says Mass?

An offering is made to the priest who says Mass, to provide for the things necessary for the Sacrifice, and to assist in the support of the priest. 1. Since the early years of the Church the faithful, wishing to participate more fully in the oblation, made offerings of bread […] Read more »


A Mass has infinite value, because it is the renewal of the sacrifice of the cross. The value of a gift is proportionate to the dignity of the giver and the cost of the gift. The Mass, the only worthy gift for God, is offered by Christ, the Son of […] Read more »


By means of the Mass, the fruits of the sacrifice of the cross are applied to our souls. The sacrifice on the cross–the passion and death of Christ–is the gold mine of graces; Holy Mass is the machinery that takes the gold out for us. At Mass a torrent of […] Read more »

What are THE PURPOSES for which the Mass is offered?

1. To ADORE God as our Creator. The Mass is the ONLY worthy gift we can offer God; in it we offer to Him His own Son. Having a perfect sacrifice in the Mass, Christians need, and have, no other sacrifice to offer to God but this one. 2. To […] Read more »

What is the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN the Sacrifice of THE CROSS and the Sacrifice of THE MASS?

The manner in which the sacrifice is offered is different: on the cross Christ shed His blood and was put to death, while in the Mass there is no new immolation of the Victim, but only a new offering. On the cross Christ gained merit and satisfied for us, while […] Read more »