Before Traveling

Dear Lord, once, you let the children of Israel
walk through the sea with dry feet.
You also showed the three Wise Men
the way to your crib by the guidance of a star.
We beg you: grant us a good trip
and a peaceful day.
Let us have your holy angel as escort
to arrive at the end of our journey in safety.

Lord, speak to us as we prepare ourselves
for the start of this trip.
Along the way, be our consolation.
In the heat of the noonday sun, be our shade.
In stormy weather, protect us.
When we are weary, be our companion.
In time of danger, be our protection.
On slippery path, be our sturdy staff.
In shipwreck, be our saving harbor.
Be our guide that we may reach the end
of our journey and finally return to our home
without misfortune.


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