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Serenity Prayer

God grant me serenity To accept the things I cannot change Courage to change the things I can And wisdom to know the difference Living one day at a time Enjoying one moment at a time Accepting hardships as a pathway to peace Taking as Jesus did this sinful world […] Read more »

A Pure Intention

Lord, let me not think of my own advantage But more for my fellowman and Your will. Bless me with the right intention Restrain me from trying to govern Other people’s lives. Prevent me from using friendship To make comfortable my own ego From seeking pleasure and convenience At the […] Read more »

For A Smile

Lord, joy is a gift meant for sharing To spread warmth and happiness around Bless me with a cheerful heart That looks at the bright side of life Bless me with a cheerful disposition With a ready smile on my lips To bring new life, hope and courage To the […] Read more »

Prayer For Self Confidence

Lord, true source of light and wisdom Let a ray of Your brilliance Penetrate my understanding Grant me a retentive memory And the ability to grasp things Correctly and completely. Let me be convincing in my explanations Steadfast and unwavering in my presentations Give me Your confidence To trust my […] Read more »

For Leadership

Lord, strengthen me to do the right thing Let no personal ambition Blind me to opportunism Help me from falling into hypocrisy Wherever I find it Give me divine common sense And a selflessness that will make me think Of service and not gain Give me the courage to lead […] Read more »

Prayer For Self Discipline

Lord, give me the wisdom to see No good life comes without right discipline. Give me the grace to impose it upon myself Lest others do it for me. Help me to discipline my tongue That I may be clear rather than clever Sincere instead of sarcastic Help me to discipline […] Read more »

Meet My Deadline

Lord, as I pray to meet this crucial deadline Help me to remember That You were never in a hurry And never lost Your inner peace Even under pressure greater Than I shall ever know. I feel the strain of meeting this deadline And crumble under frustration. Only You can […] Read more »

Before A Meeting

Lord, as I go to my meeting today I ask freshness of Your Spirit To quicken my thinking That out of confused issues May come simplicity of plan That out of fear may come confidence That out of hurry may come deliberation That out of frustration may come guidance Let […] Read more »