Saint Philomena, Patron Saint of Babies, Children and Youth

In May of 1802, excavators of an ancient catacomb came upon the tomb of a young girl bearing this inscription: Pax tecum Filumena – Peace be with you, Philomena. A lily and a palm were among the other images inscribed on the tomb, indicating the young girl’s virginity and martyrdom. When Philomena’s bones were transferred to a village church at Mugnano, Italy, a great number of people received favors and miracles through her intervention. She was canonized in 1837.

Supplicants have received divine assistance through Saint Philomena’s intercession for every sort of impossible¬† or hopeless request. Saint Philomena has shown herself especially powerful in obtaining divine assistance for conversions, expectant and afflicted mothers, babies and children, youth, the poor and orphans, and many more.

Prayer to Saint Philomena for Babies, Children and Youth

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