Forgiveness Prayer

Loving Father, hear my prayer as I am now experiencing deep hurts,
anger, resentments and bitterness in my heart.

Thank you for the grace you have given me to humbly acknowledge my pain.
Touch all the areas of woundedness in my heart and fill it with your love and peace.
Change my aching and broken heart with a new heart coming from your Sacred Heart.
Because it is only through this that I will receive the grace to forgive even if it is
the hardest thing for me to do.

Let me give all this pain and deep hurts to you as an offering of love
and give me the grace to see all the blessings that have come
from this experience of pain and suffering.

Grant me the virtue of humility to acknowledge my own mistakes
and failures and desire to ask for forgiveness in the future.
Only by your grace, your strength and your love can true forgiveness
and reconciliation happen.

But I believe that nothing is impossible with you so long as the desire to forgive
is there in my heart and people will continue to persevere in prayer for me.
Bless me and plant in my heart this desire to forgive and lead me on
with patience and perseverance in my healing journey.
I believe that in time, true forgiveness will happen.

All these I pray in Jesus’ name through Mary and all the angels and saints.


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