Prayer for Discernment in Making a Decision

I am about to make an important decision, Lord, and the day ahead of me is charged with uncertainty. Help me feel your presence especially today, Lord. To feel your strength supporting me and to be sure of your loving concern for what I decide today.

I have been your follower and your child for many years. Even when I was young I laid claim to your love and dedicated my life to doing what you wanted me to do. From that time until now, I have tried to shun the enticements of the world, the human ambitions
that beckon me so teasingly Instead I have pursued your dreams for me. And I have always tried to carry out your commands.

I have been faithful to the time of worship and the hour of prayer. I have celebrated your gifts of love and sung your many praises. My best friends have always been those who love and serve you.

And now, Lord, today I come to a fork in the road, I don’t know which way to turn. So I offer this day to you, Lord and the decision I have to make. I pray that today will be lived in your love and that my decision will be in accord with what you want me to do.

So I raise my voice for a moment in thanksgiving, Lord. For you have promised to guide my falthering steps today.


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