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When All Is Well

Lord, I thank You for my peace For Your loving presence in my life For caring and supportive family and friends For earthly comforts generously provided For my good health and zest for living. Let me not be complacent With my comfortable stature. Remind me to share with the less […] Read more »

For A Special Favor

Lord, You have always been faithful to me. In Your infinite love and mercy You have always stooped to listen to me. I come to You now and humbly ask For this special favor _______________. I know You will not refuse my request If in Your wisdom it will be […] Read more »

God Knows Best

Lord, I asked for health to do great things You gave me infirmity, to do better things I asked for riches to make me happy You gave me poverty to make me wise I asked for power and the praise of men You gave me weakness To sense my need […] Read more »