Against Envy

Lord, do not allow me
To be too firmly attached to this earth
That I should fall in love and crave
For too many things.
Guard me from a jealous eye,
An envious heart.
Save me from the tyranny of possessions-
Mature me in the choices that I make.
Control my desires for earthly satisfactions.
Give me the courage to be content.
Keep me back from wanting.
Hold me back from taking.
Lead me to find a balance
Of moderation and a zest for living.

Bible Inspiration: Luke 12:15
Be on your guard and avoid every kind of greed for though you have many possessions your life doesn’t depend on them.

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  1. Ndidi says:

    Sometimes we feel we have worked too hard to remain where we are and we feel bad when we see a green horn doing better….it take the holy spirit to take one away from that mind set and remind one that our God is all we need and all that matters.

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