Against Temptation

Lord, over and over again
I have fallen into the same temptations.
I am slow to learn Your ways.
I am ashamed to recall my resolves
Never again to do
What I have just come from doing
Never again to stain myself
In the same mudhole.
Let me pick myself up
Forgive me once more and make me clean
Revitalize me into a new will of spirit.
Shock me into a new discipleship.
Give me the gospel of a new second chance
And a new beginning
With a cleansing by faith.

Bible Inspiration: Mark 14:38
Keep watch and pray, all of you, so that you may not slip into temptation. The spirit indeed is eager but human nature is weak.

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  1. Tieho Mothibe says:

    Thank you for this prayer, i can so much relate to it.

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