Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Lord, these are trying times for all of us.
It’s hard enough to wake up everyday
To go to work and when payday comes
To settle all the bills on time.
Everything seems to be caving in on me.
So many obligations to meet!
Lord, how do I cope with all these?
Give me Your gift of perseverance
That I may continue this journey of trials.
Give me Your wisdom
To use my meager wealth responsibly
Help me understand
When You knock me down to my knees
It is from here I should rise again.

Bible Inspiration: Luke 12:29-30
It is not for you to be in search of what you are to eat or drink. Stop worrying . . . Your Father knows you need such things.

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  1. Achike says:

    A very typical Catholic prayer, asking the will of GOD to prevail.

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