Prayers for Healing Category

Novena Prayer of Healing for Cancer

Oh great Saint Peregrine, you have been called The Mighty and The Wonder-Worker because of the numerous miracles which you have obtained from God for those who ask your intercession. For many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being, […] Read more »

Prayer of Healing For Throat Ailments

O God, deliver us through the intercession of Your holy bishop and martyr Blaise, from all evils of soul and body, and especially from all ills of the throat. O Lord, grant us the grace to make a good confession in the confident hope of obtaining Your pardon, and ever […] Read more »

Prayer of Healing for Breast Cancer

Dear Virgin and Martyr, whom the Church recalls in her liturgy, you heroically resisted the temptation of an evil ruler. Subjected to long and horrible tortures, you remained faithful to your heavenly spouse. Please intercede for (name), who suffers from cancer, that God will stretch forth His healing hand and […] Read more »

Forgiveness Prayer

Loving Father, hear my prayer as I am now experiencing deep hurts, anger, resentments and bitterness in my heart. Thank you for the grace you have given me to humbly acknowledge my pain. Touch all the areas of woundedness in my heart and fill it with your love and peace. […] Read more »

Repentance Prayer

Loving Father, you are the source of all goodness and love, and you never refuse forgiveness to those who come to you with repentant hearts. Mercifully listen to my prayer. Look with kindness upon me and forgive me for all my sins and failures. Give me the grace to acknowledge […] Read more »

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me and for calling me to come closer to you; Thank you for never giving up on me even if I have often strayed away from you. For the many times you have been faithful to your promises despite all my unfaithfulness, sins, failures, […] Read more »

Prayer for Emotional Healing

Loving Father, I come before you with faith in your promise that whatever I ask for in your name you will grant to me if it is for the good of my soul and in accordance with your Divine Will. I come trusting in your great love for me and […] Read more »

Prayer for Healing Heart Disease

Loving Father, you bring healing to the sick and make them well again. Trusting in your great love and mercy, and believing that whatever I ask from you in the name of your Son, Jesus, You will grant me if it is what is best and in accordance with your […] Read more »