Prayer For Your Neighbor Category

For My Spouse

Lord, thank You for my partner in life Whom I regard as Your precious gift Help me in the years ahead Never to take him/her for granted. Help us weather life’s burdens Fulfill its responsibilities And share its joys and sorrows. Make us stand and endure – On the strength […] Read more »

For My Children

Lord help me protect my children From careless frivolities And the twisted idea of what life is all about. Help them to appreciate discipline By which true character can be achieved And genuine integrity attained. Guide them physically and spiritually. Send into their lives Specially chosen companions and friends. Save […] Read more »

For My Friends

Lord, thank You for friends Who warm my life with their smiles Who make life worthwhile Who carry me when courage fails And comfort me when I am sad. I pause to look back – At parties made more enjoyable Loneliness more bearable Because of their companionship. Thank You for […] Read more »

For My Boss

Lord, I pray for my boss Give him the courage to do Your will. Deliver him from all selfish considerations Lift him above the claims of pettiness Save him from persons Who could lead this company to ruin. Strengthen his supervisors in prayer Cleanse every ignoble thought Bless him with […] Read more »

For My Profession

Lord, give me the long view of my work And mission in this world. Help me to see that it is better To fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed Than to succeed in a cause That will ultimately fail. Inspire me to use all the talents You have […] Read more »

For My Enemies

Lord, You know the misunderstanding Between me and certain people. Harsh words and thoughtless actions Have been exchanged. I do not pray for You to change them I know I must begin with myself And correct my own shortcomings. Remove from my memory All acids of bitterness and vengeance Enable […] Read more »

I Forgive Everyone

Lord, today I choose to forgive everyone Because You have forgiven me I forgive my parents, spouse, children For any unlove and negativity Knowingly or unknowingly bestowed on me. I forgive my brothers, sisters, and relatives Whose past negative actions Continue to affect my life today. I forgive friends and […] Read more »

To Listen Better

I am so talkative, Lord. In the hustle and bustle of my mind, My tongue has become a runaway. I have forgotten that I have ears as well To listen to my companion Who has just about every right to be heard. I have become so excellent at it – […] Read more »