Prayer For Your Neighbor Category

Growing Old

Lord, I am getting on in years. I even catch myself getting absent-minded Over the simplest things. Release me from time-consuming ways Of philosophizing too much And boring others with my tales of woe. Keep me away from meddling Into other people’s affairs And trying to direct others’ ways. Shut […] Read more »

For The Lonely

It’s awful to be lonely Lord Even in a crowded room Surrounded by people who love me I still feel lonely I know the world is full of lonely people Why is that, Lord? Help Your lonely to reach out of themselves! If only we weren’t so afraid Of being […] Read more »

Prayer For The Sick

Lord, I need Your healing touch now Forgive me for my past hesitations. I ask with deep conviction for my healing May I never forget That it is only through Your mercy That my health will return O good Master, give me the grace to accept My sufferings with joy. […] Read more »

For The Departed

Remember Lord those who have died And have gone before us Especially those for whom we now pray. We thank You for all the blessings You have bestowed on them During their mortal life here on earth. We pray that they were able to glorify You With the kind of […] Read more »

For Our Country

Lord, we pray for the land of our birth Which we love dearly. Guide us in this time of uncertainty When men who fought for our democracy Seem unable to work together in peace. Give us Your peace O Lord So that we may live in harmony. Help us realize […] Read more »